Thanks for another great Black History Month!

We did it! Again!

Sure this Black History Month had a few rough spots—we lost Don Cornelius and Whitney Houston—but hopefully your newly expanded minds will help ease that pain and brighten the future a little.

If you’re sad, as I am, to see this Black History Month end, don’t worry! You can still catch me elsewhere on the internet educating the masses, being foolish, preaching about the evilness of squirrels, etc. Whenever you start missing the word, mosey on over to any of these spots:

Needlessly Crunk - just a bunch of crunk song lyrics about things that don’t necessarily need crunk song lyrics.

Natural Hair Problems - sure it looks good, but natural hair can be STRESSFUL.

Splackavellie Central - explaining to you how ridiculous your favorite songs are.

PostBourgie - this is where I sometimes write about serious, smart things. But typically still 33% ridiculous.

Uptown Magazine - semi-regularly pointing and laughing at life in general. - my main site; pretty much a catch-all for things I write that are posted elsewhere, or things I write that don’t fit anywhere else.

With my hands in waaay too many pots, some sites may lag a little in updates, but stick with me! They’re still alive!

Thanks for rockin with me, yall. Feel free to follow me on Twitter (my account is locked, but I will add you as soon as I’m sure you’re a real person), friend me on Facebook, like me on Facebook (seriously, my likes are SAD), or shoot me an email filled with praise, admissions of love and affection, complaints, donation offers, or just to say hi. We’re family now. I need to make sure you’re doing okay. Eating your vegetables, drinking plenty of water, fighting the power, etc.

Til next year! Go forth and teach the youth!


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